An acceptance of What is.

An acceptance of what is.
Make the decision to accept this moment. Fully. 


This has been my most powerful realization over the last 3 weeks. The power to allow myself to be fully absorbed into a moment. No matter what this moment might be, however it might present itself in the world, it will always be a moment in life. A moment to accept. 
In any other situation the privilege, and enticement of a holiday, of rest, of self care , of sitting in a beautiful lazy boy all day, of jamming guitar, of overwhelming love from family and friends, of teddy bears and snack boxes, of outrageous suppport would all provoke extreme happiness. For me this opportunity, this experience, this moment was slightly different. All of these things had been handed to me, but my perspective was wrong, my decision to be happy was faulty. 


What I soon realized during this time off was that In my own experience it was a difficult struggle with my mind to accept what was. To burden my friends and colleagues with more work, to ignore the terrifying ever-looming future.  To accept the inevitable past. To fully expand in my time off. 
So with this realization I have practiced. I have learnt. I have allowed myself to be present, I have allowed myself the denial of that which is not in this moment. 
I hope that I will continue to learn and appreciate the power of full awareness with every moment. 
I hope that even during the pain and fear – I will not forget to expand, even through my experience of hurt.

I hope that I will become a master at the acceptance of what is.

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