Moral Code vs Human Nature.

Moral code vs Humanity

I’m not sure if this concept is completely related to my own experiences with health or if it’s an idea that has grown through the response that myself and others have had to the particular events over the last period in my life. Perhaps a seed was planted and it’s been fed to flourish in this environment of unadulterated nurture surrounding my mishap with health.

Why is it that we all respond differently to an experience. I have found that the hardships and difficult opportunity of life threatening illness have awoken my humanity, literally bashed them with a high thread count duck-down feather cushion and opened the white blinds fully on a sunny morning. Is this a moral code that larked deep inside and just needed a rude awaking, or is it my humanity and a natural human response to react to the beautiful response from other people that drives me to be better. But I don’t know where the desire to be better comes from.

Lord of the Flies seemed to highlight to dark side of all people. But perhaps now it’s time to write a book about some kids that end up on a island and instead of eating each other and shit, they start a band, clean up a beach and build something cool. In my mind the balance swings towards goodness in all peoples, irrespective of religion, race, gender or sex.

Thats where this quartet of very handsome studs fits into this long story. Basically it’s just click bait because everyone knows that on Instagram all topless photos need to be captioned with a deep and meaningful quote. No actually here we are exemplifying my point exactly – looking all badass, but inside these are the most beautiful souls I have ever met. The perilous facade actually masking deep inner kindness and incredibly good humans. My community and my strength come from the unbelievable people I am surrounded by, so how could I not respond to my situation with a desire to give back? Thank you again to every person that has taken this journey with me.

So I’m still not entirely sure where it comes from, our responses to life, but I have some ideas which I’m sure will come together through this journey. Hopefully for now I can just be the best that I can be. Hopefully I can use this platform, and this very unique and challenging part of my life to help as many people as possible. To clean the beach and not start eating other people.

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