The Chemo Port.

The chemo Port

For some time I have been considering the idea of a semi permanent port that would free me from daily needle sticks during chemotherapy. As a younger patient my veins would most probably have coped with daily cannulation for the administration of the chemo drugs via a drip, but yesterday I made the decision to do it, to allow easy access and an effortless way to my fragile heart forever.

The Port is a small subcutaneous implantable device made of plastic with a silicone tube that communicates with a larger central vein, usually very close to the heart. It is put in under ultrasound guidance either under general anaesthetic or it can even be done with the person awake, but probably terrified.

So this means there is a small piece of plastic that can be felt under the skin just under the clavicle – this plastic allows the nurses to just put the needle directly into the vein without having to find veins on the arms. And after each session of chemo the needle is removed and you can go home with no dwindling lines and needles, waterproof and able to move your limbs freely.

In my opinion – if there is anybody going through chemo who is considering the option – it is definitely worth while. It is slightly uncomfortable at first but the pain is very mild and it relieves so much anxiety about finding veins every day, and also there isn’t the added pain of peripheral burning in the Arms. It allows more mobility while getting the chemo and just seems to be the easier way forward. The port can also be used after chemo for the administration of contrast in follow up scans so it really is worth while, in my opinion.

So in light of all of this, my experience was a very positive one. A good decision, and what better to do when one is happy than take a nice suggestive selfie. I do believe this port, my pubescent balding bright head and baby face add to a slightly marvel superhero look. So the very unrelated topless picture is indeed not only for the very educational and insightful purpose of sharing my experience for others, but also, unashamedly so, it is for showcasing the marvel superhero in me, and all the wonderful powers that come along with it.

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