Modern Millennial Warfare

Exactly 2 weeks back I never would have expected to be contemplating the global milieu and sharing my thoughts on a social platform. But here I go, joining the intricately delicate communal neurosis of our glorious covid-19. 

By no means Is my strange and perhaps slightly ignorant view to be taken seriously, but this is what is going though my currently Chemo-tainted view of the world. 

To me this entire Global Pandemic can be equated to a new age War era. It seems as if the response to the notorious Covid 19 can easily resemble that of an ever-looming battle of epic proportions. Stockpiling the essentials, building up reserves to survive the mass destruction that it’s very macabre name suggests. 

You see what’s interesting about my comparisons is that I am an ignorant millennial who doesn’t have massive insights about economic down slaughter and poverty stricken job losses. Perhaps my affinity to Netflix and chill and easy online connectedness also skews my perceptions of the hysteria. I am however a trained health profession and can perhaps share some insights from that perspective. I too have been cast into the so called ‘high risk population’ after starting my wonderful relationship with a chemo drip stand – and can therefore speak from an enlightened and also fear-stricken perspective. 

The war is moving closer and we, the mighty human race can focus on nothing else. The response to this virus has been nothing short of impressive. And as I have mentioned – from a perspective of risk it does feel like every precaution and political prowess that has been slathered unapologetically across your tv, computer and phone screen has some strong purpose. What I do not agree so affectionately with has been our response to what is being asked so endlessly on all these platforms. 

Unlike the World war where our grandparents were asked to survive at home with complete self sustenance, devoid of 3 years worth of toilet paper and no Woolworths supplies we have just been asked to revoke our indispensable social  needs, just for a little while. I realize that the implications are massively different for all social classes and stages of life and that this request has effects of varying degrees for everyone. But for me, a millennial in the modern age mass hysteria, I will do my best to abide by the askings of the world. I will embrace some social distance and perhaps use this time to focus on my own mental health. I could even perhaps learn how to origami with all this extra toilet paper.

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