A youthful mindf**k.

A youthful mindf**k

25 years. It seems like a long time. Considering the world is chaotically contemplating the survival of the youth following a 21 day ban on social gratification,  it really does seem like a monumental mountain of time. 

However long, it does however seem like a very short lifetime. A qauter-life as us Generations X’ers like to call it. Time is largely reliant on the perspective of its audience, just as the last 5 minutes of final period at school feels like days and doing 20 minutes of hard earned treadmill time could equate to months, a lifetime of 25 years flies past. 

I am now 25 years of age. Youthful and in the so called peak of my physical capabilities. With a raging testosterone inspired quest for fathomed romantic appeasement and early career, bottom of the food chain, battles for success I make up a relatively good example of the normal qauter-life dude.

Recently this journey for social acceptance, financial career satisfaction, deep chiseled abs, spiritual deepening and hopeless romantic sanctification has been bashed with a catastrophic kick in the balls. Or one of them at least.

Cancer came too early. Completely without warning it came into my life and changed me, challenged me with hellish moments and broke me down. It did so relentlessly and brutally, it did so hard and fast but it also did something beautiful. A youthful mindf**k it was. My testosterone enticements, indisputable body goals and career vision have been morphed into something bigger. 

Being diagnosed after only 25 years of tender life has taught me many things, apart from the absolute necessity of playing with your balls at least once a month there have been some more profound revelations. Here are 10 that I can finally put down:

  1. We are all out of touch with reality, hypnotised by the illusion of time. We have no present moment but rather our consciousness is completely absorbed with both MEMORY and EXPECTATION. Live in the moment. 
  2. Health is more than looking good in board shorts. Train and eat for Longevity. Movement is a great privilege 
  3. Your mom really does love you.
  4. The top 20 chats on your whatsapp are deeply profound. Don’t ever take for granted community. Be there for people. They will carry you in times of need. 
  5. Eating is a profound privilege. Don’t take it for granted, but also don’t abuse its power.
  6. Take exceptional care of your special senses. Once they are even mildly jeopardised you will know their importance. Smell the roses and explore Spotify. Regularly. 
  7. There is a higher Power. 
  8. Sickness is terrifying. Everything about it. Listen to the concerns of those in need. Be there. Try to understand. Empathy is one of the strongest powers we have. Try to learn it. 
  9. Slow down. Live in the moment but also try to absorb it, don’t let it go by without realising what it means, how it can teach you something and help you to expand. Every second, every experience has something to offer.
  10. This too shall Pass.

My story is one of unexpected goodness in a diabolical time. A narrative of shameless selfies, passionate cooking, third world health care and

sometimes potentially dissolute allures that has not changed, but rather expanded. A youthful mindf**k with great effect.

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