Rona Adoration.

The only person to ever adore Rona:

Over the last few weeks I have finally come to the understanding of my own COVID optimism. Since the day she emerged and perched her crown safely on the South African cranium I have been somewhat perplexingly inveigled by her Charm. Coaxed by the power of her overwhelming presence I have been humbled more than ever to respect her power.

With this great Authority that Corona has demanded, I have in my current state of mind begun to develop a strange and admittedly selfish adoration for the virus. This is particularly because in my case, and I’m very much in the minority, Corona has been a protective safeguard.

With Chemotherapy comes great challenges irrespective of a Global Phenomenon. As much as I am horridly terrified of how critically Rona would invade my fragile cells, I am equally grateful for the defences it has brought me from many other tiny little infective particles that pollinate their genetic makeup through us humans. With the major reduction in human movement there is without a doubt a reduction in the probability of me becoming exposed to the multiple other infections that are partners in crime to the Corona Virus, and therefore I am paradoxically protected by the mighty majesty herself. 

Another fascinating positive equivocality of the corona virus on my life has been the absolute lack of FOMO that I have felt during my time in mandatory Isolation. Chemotherapy regimens attack the immune system and therefore put me at risk of serious infection, so I would have been baking banana bread and hoarding toilet paper irrespective of a novel viruses floating around. However, now I am not alone in these remote times and it is a wonderful blessing to have so many people share a similar eagerness to Connect digitally. 

This is probably a strange way to perceive the current ongoings of the world but perhaps it is time that we start to develop an unconventional optimism against this disease. These positivity’s by no measure outweigh or even equate to the absolute brutality of COVID 19 on our entire population, but I strongly believe that amongst all bad we must always seek good. 

If you don’t believe me think about these 10 things.

Without Rona you would never have:

  • had the privilege of watching Cyril mask up.
  • known how great banana bread is.
  • had massive insightful respect for teachers.
  • Known the true power of going for a Walk. 
  • Learnt how to use Zoom like a pro.
  • been able to put your shirt on while doing a handstand against the wall.
  • become a TikTok star.
  • Run around your garden 300 times.
  • Learnt what Chloroquine is. 
  • Longed so greatly for a hug. 

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