Parallel Pastimes.

Parallel Pastimes.

Some thoughts to disprove a definite damnation. 

As I sat down this morning with my cup of carefully brewed Nicaraguan single origin flavour pour over coffee I decided that today would be a good day to write down some of my hovering thoughts. As part of a brainstorming process it was very interesting what I discovered on some of my favourite insightful websites (As a side note if you are looking for some great material try Mark Manson’s blog platform and the NY times website), so much of the worlds creative and informative content seems to be focussed around the future tense, with predictions and global prognostication taking the lead across almost every platform. These debates are not limited only to web info but span across every means of communication, including the terrifying family whatsapp group and your moms Facebook chat history. 

Given the very peculiar current state of affairs it is not too irrational to forecast ones mind to a time either before, or after, the ongoing experience. Irrespective of where we are at there always seems to be a strong tendency to premeditate what might follow the notorious ‘Good evening fellow South Africans’ introduction. Guessing which type of adult mens footwear might be open to retail next has become the fondest topic of discussion. Woolworth’s cooked chicken would never in its life had imagined to take so many headlines.

Without any disapprobation for the above I do have my own few thoughts on how we could potentially take on a slightly different approach. By no means do I want to change or take away from the necessity of rigorous planning and strategising against the current global pandemic, but rather I’m offering a way to perhaps see it from a different angle. Always, as a disclaimer I must add that this is just my own personal opinion that has been moulded by a series of hardcore life events. These are merely the ideas that have found foundations from what many may perceive as the terrible misfortune of cancer, these are the ideas that one may never self formulate without the paradoxical prosperities of a life changing diagnosis. 

  • Todays times have injects catastrophic Economic implications, and with no clear end in sights all hope that can exist comes from speculation on the return of normal economic activity. Without letting go of clear planning and initiative there would also come great benefit in seeing today as an opportunity that will never ever present itself again – Take time to fully involve yourself in the luxuries of working in dirty sweat pants or alongside your hyperactive children. Savour the moment for what it holds without only thinking about the negative implications of your current disposition. 
  • Socially we all have been damned to our own lonely islands with only radio waves and zoom grids to connect us. This is fundamentally deep down to its core just crap, but it still holds some valuable temporary light. Never before has true introspection and self comprehension been such a integral part of our lives. Never have so many fledgelings with fully developed wings come home to isolate in the safety of their family comforts. A millennial generation dependant on virtual communication is for the first time realising the beautiful power of real conversations.
  • Exercising has become a huge part of Cyril’s anxiety and remains one of the most debated prophesies. The restrictions suck but have after all reinvented home workouts forever. In the near future when you are walking disheartened into the gym with the ever looming pain of yesterdays workout, you will most certainly reminisce about a time when such a great excuse to miss a workout existed.
  • We are all longing for the days of restaurants and coffee shops to return. Again it does catastrophically suck to have to make all your coffees yourself but there is always an upside. Baking was once a annual affair, now banana bread and sourdough starters life in every kitchen. That Moka pot you once bought now whistles happily much more regularly. The artisanal awakening has been so beautiful to see. 

We all sometimes live outside of the current moment, repeatedly convincing ourselves that we would be happier in a parallel experience. The key to lasting happiness and a truly fruitful life is to leaner to absorb the current moment fully. To really notice how beautiful it is to exist, irrespective of the changes that surround you. Livvy Mcmurray wrote a beautiful piece about living without the qualities that we have been taught to value, we can always be truly happy irrespective of anything that humanity has hung our worth upon. Decide to see the brighter side and notice that even though Rona is rampant, on a random tuesday morning at 11am you are sitting in your pyjamas drinking carefully brewed single origin pour over coffee.

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