Would I choose this path Again?

Would I choose this path again?

Were Will Smith, with his touch of blue body paint and continuous shapeshifting sight gags, to come up to me tomorrow and ask me if I could choose to change my life in any way, would I?

Ive been thinking lately of the prospect of a perhaps different life. Imagining how different this year could potentially have been. The more I think about it, the more I toy with the fact that despite the absolute disaster that 2020 has proven to be, Im not sure i would have had it any other way. Im sure by this point, if you have made it this far, you would think that this is yet another opinion relating to Corona. Luckily it isn’t. 

The Diagnosis of Cancer is without a doubt a life changing one.  More than the physical transitions there is an emotional journey attached to this news. From the moment it becomes part of your life there opens up a massive opportunity for change. Change in many forms.  I strongly believe that the direction of this change is however highly dependant on the star crossed fortunate legatee. The decision to use ones adversity to your own advantage is untouchable. 

So here are the 8 things that should answer your, by now surely burning desire, questions as to what I might have said to the big old Blue man.

  • Cancer will undoubtedly change the way I perceive the role of Doctors and all the unbelievable people who dedicate their lives to the well being of others. My career was always important to me, but I know now, that irrespective of the direction that I choose within the health care setting, this year will make me a better me.
  • Spending 3 months at home has fuelled a passion that always lived inside me, my love of being in the kitchen was always there, but it is now much more clear, closer to reaching the perfect temperature. medium rare. 
  • It is absolutely fine to be a loner sometimes, as long as you like the person you are alone with, you.
  • Let yourself be carefully drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. I can assure you that you will not be lead astray.
  • Ive learnt what I can now never forget about community. Ive seen how to see in others what I think is often missed. I have unbelievable appreciation for everybody who is in my life. But not only superficially. I truly think that I have learnt to recognise the details in people that stem from a place of depth. I know how tightly I need to hold onto them.
  • There is absolute power in real conversation. Listen.
  • My mother, and hopefully all mothers, are absolutely infatuated with their children. There is a love that cannot even nearly be paralleled, like a mothers love for a child. Ive always loved my mom as a best mate, but never did I ever realise how much she candidly loved me. Seeing my own hurt and pain during this journey reflect so avidly in my mom showed me a love that cannot be explained. Never again will I take it for granted. 
  • Finally, what I hope is not a misconception, is that Love presents itself in strange formats. Throughout adversity, when our focus is moved from seeking love, we somehow find within ourselves all the barriers that we have built up against it. Love slaps us in the face when we least expect it. 

For me it took cancer, along with what I thought to be a cool representation of Aladdin’s Genie, to bring about these somewhat scattered thoughts. Hopefully, for you, these words will mean you don’t need to be that extra. 

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