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Would I choose this path Again?

Would I choose this path again? Were Will Smith, with his touch of blue body paint and continuous shapeshifting sight gags, to come up to me tomorrow and ask me if I could choose to change my life in any way, would I? Ive been thinking lately of the prospect of a perhaps different life. […]

Parallel Pastimes.

Parallel Pastimes. Some thoughts to disprove a definite damnation.  As I sat down this morning with my cup of carefully brewed Nicaraguan single origin flavour pour over coffee I decided that today would be a good day to write down some of my hovering thoughts. As part of a brainstorming process it was very interesting […]

Power of Passion.

The Power of a Passion. Since the beginning of this journey I have known that there was something within myself which I was yet to discover, I knew that despite the hurt that comes with Cancer there is without a doubt an indoctrination of insight and growth which also attaches itself to the terrible word. […]

Rona Adoration.

The only person to ever adore Rona: Over the last few weeks I have finally come to the understanding of my own COVID optimism. Since the day she emerged and perched her crown safely on the South African cranium I have been somewhat perplexingly inveigled by her Charm. Coaxed by the power of her overwhelming […]

5 Things that definitely aren’t worth it.

Maybe as a young millennial I don’t have the life experience to dictate what the fruitful components of life truly are, but with one less testicle and an exceptionally pale smooth head I have gained some insights into what may be the most over-valued unessential notions in life. 1. Starting tomorrow: This stems from something […]

White Collar Domestication.

For some time my mother has termed herself a domestic Goddess, a Brigadier manning the frontline of our household. Nigella also offered some profound words on how to perfect this art of domestic supremacy. For a long time i don’t think that Id appreciate the validity of this self coined title, but recently with a […]

Daytime Pyjamas.

Daytime Pyjamas  Remember the terrifying rude awakening of relentless high-pitched non musical sounds that once used to drive our mornings to a prolonged internal battle about the worth of actually committing to the happenings of this day. There was once a time when the necessity of being abusively woken by a small screaming piece of […]

Redefining Cancer.

Redefine the word  She looked back at me with a terrified stare. Somewhat bemused but also with a tinge of overflowing guilt that was hiding beneath her approximated smile. An allaby being built at the back of her conciousness, a beseeching stare to a husband that audienced this somewhat entertaining moment.  Half way through a […]

A youthful mindf**k.

A youthful mindf**k 25 years. It seems like a long time. Considering the world is chaotically contemplating the survival of the youth following a 21 day ban on social gratification,  it really does seem like a monumental mountain of time.  However long, it does however seem like a very short lifetime. A qauter-life as us […]

Memory Lane.

Memory Lane. Im sure I’m not alone in my experience of the following sequence of events. The phone screen appears to be on. Yet somehow its purpose is forgotten. All the apps are glaring at you and flashing their provocative allure, the App Store notifications about your 8 month overdue updates seem somewhat appealing but […]


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