Grabbed by the Balls.


A collection of stories from my experience with cancer.


Aspiring cook

Passionate extrovert


My Journey. My Campaign. My life.

Y O U R D E C I S I O N.

A collection of my Experiences.

Would I choose this path Again?

Would I choose this path again? Were Will Smith, with his touch of blue body paint and continuous shapeshifting sight gags, to come up to me tomorrow and ask me if I could choose to change my life in any way, would I? Ive been thinking lately of the prospect of a perhaps different life.…

Parallel Pastimes.

Parallel Pastimes. Some thoughts to disprove a definite damnation.  As I sat down this morning with my cup of carefully brewed Nicaraguan single origin flavour pour over coffee I decided that today would be a good day to write down some of my hovering thoughts. As part of a brainstorming process it was very interesting…

Power of Passion.

The Power of a Passion. Since the beginning of this journey I have known that there was something within myself which I was yet to discover, I knew that despite the hurt that comes with Cancer there is without a doubt an indoctrination of insight and growth which also attaches itself to the terrible word.…

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The Aim of this website is to Share the unpredictability of Cancer and spread awareness to create change.

We all believe it will never happen to us, but sometimes it does – but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat it.

Regular self examination and early prevention is key.

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5 responses to “Grabbed by the Balls.”

  1. My naam is Jacques
    Ek is nou al 10 jaar terug gediagnoseer met testikulêre kanker. Die siminoom wat met operasie uitgehaal was het 300 gram geweeg. Dit was nogal groot dink ek. Ek het dit vir so 6 jaar ignoreer nadat die uroloog dit verkeerdelik as inflamasie diagnoseer het. Hy het geen verdere toetse gedoen nie en 6 jaar later kom ek skaar sit. Kon nie hardloop nie en dit het permanent gevoel of iemand my geskop het. Dis toe dat ek weer uroloog toe gaan en hy vir my sê. Jy het die groot K. Nou tien jaar later toets ek nog elke jaar skoon maar ek het vreeslike been en lae rugpyn wat niemand kan diagnoseer nie. N neuroloog reken dir kan die radioterapie wees wat moontlik die rug werwels permanent beskadig het. Maar na baie verskillende toetse leef ek maar nou op pynpille. Hoop jy herstel gou.


    1. Michele Vanzaghi Avatar
      Michele Vanzaghi

      Hi Jacques
      Im very glad you have reached out to me. Im very happy to hear the follow up has all been good. Sometimes just anxiety can also cause back pain – I have almost completely cured my backache through some meditation and stress relief, you can also even try a pill that just takes away some stress. Also Yoga and daily core strengthening have done wonders. All the best with everything.



  2. Hi Guys,

    Thank you for sharing your stories…and I wish you guys all the best with the way forward.Keep talking about it and sharing the positive vibes.

    My little boy Luca was diagnosed with testicular cancer aged 17 months old…He is turning 2 later this month.What a life changer…It took 7 specialists before we got to the correct diagnosis and every month we go for follow up tests/scans etc and so far so good.

    Sterk wees manne en bly positief!


  3. I may not understand half of your terms and expressions, not because I don’t have cancer myself (or even balls at all), but because I am Afrikaans.

    Never the less I red about you for the first time in Die Burger today while I was suppose to attend online classes and searched your profile right away (which I cleared my history from due to the name btw) I found your story among all the others in the paper somewhat hopefull and positive in these challenging times, leaving me with a need to know more about your journey.

    I think we (I) live with the perception that optometrists can’t become blind, audiologist can’t turn deaf and doctors won’t get sick.

    Although today you helped me realize that even for a healthy all happy-go-lucky person like me that just always seem to have life in my favour, circumstances can change. Favour can change. Grace can change.
    For better or for worse. Baking or suffering.

    I don’t think life ever change for us (that is not its mission) I think it is our circumstances that change. And then, it is US that get to choose how it will change our life (if at all even).

    Looking at your journey, it does not look like cancer has affected your life negatively as expected. Or over ruled you. Actually it just boiled up some passions, thoughts and love.

    Often only when our circumstances change, we realize we are empowered to change (somewhat control) our life. With life meaning; perspective, thoughts, emotions, feelings, lifestyle, deeds, beliefs, routines, decisions, priorities, interests and responsibilities.

    Thus, without my circumstances changing but just by a peek into your exciting life I decided to choose my life before it does (do?) it for myself.

    Thanks for teaching me more than online classes could ever.

    Happy bakings and blessings!


    1. Michele Vanzaghi Avatar
      Michele Vanzaghi

      My apologies for the late reply. I must say that your message really resonated deeply and so much of what you have said has had huge implications for keeping me positive and driven to working toward this journeys goal.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for your very kind words. Im so glad I could play even a small role in your decisions to make life wonderful as it is.

      I hope you got to that Online course!


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